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Company Profile

Varol Socks is 35 years experienced socks manufacturer and exporter in Turkey. Our company have been working with many reputable wholesalers and retailers as their "Socks  Supplier Partner”.
As Varol Socks, we are able to produce computerized designs, leg warmers, tights, plain
and derby socks, knee-highs, pelerin socks and wool socks. We are using Bentley Comet,
Lonati Bravo, Colosio, Irmac Tex and Sangiacomo Star 45 knitting machines in
manufacturing. Also, we offer high-tech cottons, acrylics, polyesters, wools, mercerized and
modal yarns in our products.

We are helping our customers for all socks processess. The services we offer to our customers;

• Knitting
• Toe Sewing
• Washing
• Forming
• Packaging- (Labeling and Boxing)

We are strictly complying with "6 Sigma" methodology which means a measure of quality that
strives for near perfection in socks production.
• DEFINE: Ensured our customers' requirements are to be met.
• MEASURE: Measured and calculate the production process and possible problems
• ANALYZE: Focused on the problems occured in production and supply and come up with most
efficient solutions.
• IMPROVE: Improved our production and supply process after eliminate the problems.
• CONTROL: Go back analyzing and make improvement decisions to be ensure about the whole

This methodology helps us to produce our socks in a given deadline with high quality.
Today, Varol Socks run by 3rd generation family members and manufacturing socks for prestigious
wholesalers and retailers with 35 years experience in socks industry.
Turkey is the largest socks manufacturer in Europe and our aim is to offer best price and best
quality for our customers.

Our customers may order both small and large quantities under a contract to get their quality
products in an agreed term

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