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Company Profile

Poyraz Medicine was built in Kırıkkale Organized Industrial Zone in a closed area of 5100m2 in accordance with Turkish Food Codex in 2009. While producing the only premix in 2011, It has started production of "Molasses Based Mayan Licking Bucket" by breaking a new ground in Turkey.

Poyraz medicine sustained its first-day excitement in the feed additive industry while increasing its product range and continuing its pioneering investments. In this framework, the production of “Salt Based Licking Stone " started by adding "Pare" and "Healing" brands to the product range in 2012.

Poyraz Medicine provides animal nutrition consultancy and prepares feed additive rations working with expert veterinarians in his field. Also, It provides professional consultancy services and prepares premix products with the special formula for cattle enterprises based on the incoming request.

Poyraz Medicine which continues its first-day excitement in the feed additive sector has moved its production facility to Ankara Kahramankazan in order to increase its product range and production capacity.
Our company has started to export since its first year and has opened trade routes with a growing trend in different countries.

As a company, we have adopted an efficient working system based on honesty, modesty and values, in order to meet the needs of all our growers with a customer-oriented approach that does not compromise on quality “We're working on the big little thing.“

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