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Esit electronic started off as an engineering company in 1980,Esit got into the market by making various electronic devices for different industries. As time passed Esits focus increased on the weighing devices and products and thus eventually started building scales in 1987 under the name Esit.

Esit, has always been a pioneer in the weighing industry in Turkey; In 1987 Esit built the first weighing indicator from scratch, in 1989 the first loadcell,in 1991 the first automated weighing system,in 1996 first digital load cell,in 2000 first mobile vehicle scale,and in 2006 the first full automated wireless scale system. As an industry leader in Turkey, creative engineering and importance of R&D are treasured greatly in Esit. Esit has been the only firm in Turkey capable of producing first class weighing products which are certified by the European standards.

Headquartered in Turkey, Esit has two manufacturing plants, one in Istanbul other in Sakarya area. The Plant in Istanbul Alemdağ takes up 32000m² and produces various products including Load Cells, Electronic Indicators, Steel Construction, Machines, Metal Casting, .Alemdağ plant also hosts the R&D technical units as well as the main offices and sales department. Our plant in Sakarya Hendek takes up 30000m2 and is mainly used for producing Truck Scales. Esit has a total 360 employees in its various departments.

With its wide variety of products offered and size Esit penetrated the European market rapidly, Becoming one of the leaders in the eastern European market as well as the middle east and the western Asia. Esit currently has branches in Turkey, Bulgaria , Romania and Russia.

Working under the ISO 9000 quality assurance system Esit, has the ability to produce and brand all its products with the EU certificate. Esit has the EN 45501 quality certificate as well as the international OIML, CE certificates in all its products

Esit Elektronik Sistemleri Ltd. Sti. - Turkey Export Products List:

Accredited Laboratory Services
Bagging Dispenser
Bagging Scale Manufacturers Turkey
Band Control Weighers
Bogie Tester
Control Device
Control Device Systems
Control Devices
Dynamic Truck Axle Balances
Dynamic Wagon Axle Scales
Electronic System
Electronic Systems
Exporoof Devices
Exproof Indicators
Exproof Link Box
Exproof Load Cells
Exproof Scales
Exproof Vehicle Scales
Flow Scale
Flow Scales
Industrial Scale Manufacturer List Turkey
Industrial Scales
Lab Product Companies Turkey
Lab Products
Laboratory Product
Laboratory Products
Laboratory Service
Laboratory Services
Laden Load Cell Turkish Company
Laden Load Cells
Load Cell
Load Cell Amplifier Manufacturing Turkey
Load Cell Amplifiers
Load Cells
Motory Kit
Motory Kits
Railway Cargo Scales
Railway Wagon Belt
Scale Manufacturer List Turkey
Silos And Flow Scales
Traffic Product
Traffic Products
Truck Part
Truck Parts
Truck Scale
Truck Scales
Vehicle Scale
Vehicle Scales
Wagon Calibration Device
Wagon Manufacturing Industry
Wagon Tester
Wagon Wheel
Weight Indicator
Weight Indicators
Wheel Washing Systems
Wifi Connector